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 More epic battles!

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PostSubject: More epic battles!   Tue Sep 11, 2007 12:03 am

I was playing in this one game the other day in the largest map in the badlands. As soon as the game started I'd get myself a rifle, a rocket launcher, and a couple extra grenades. Then I'd hop in a warhawk and capture all the bases. And I got all of them. What I did next was hop in the missle turret in the last base, next to the enemy's base. Then I shot the AA turret to get it out of my way. Then I shot as many people as I could with the missles as they ran out of town to capture my base. I had one guy with me who had a machine gun. He killed anyone who I couldn't get. I also took out any warhawks that flew out of their base (there weren't many).

We had the enemy on lock down. Every once in a while, we'd get bored and storm their base and kill anything that moved. I ran a couple of guys over with a jeep that I found. b( n_n)b

We played three games like that and I won two of them.

I tried to do that in another game, but there were more people in it and I couldn't defend that last base. They just kept coming.


I was playing in a game earlier today in the middle base of the badlands. It was a death match, and my team was very organized. We got in a group of 3 and killed enything with our machine guns. The warhawks were a little bit of trouble, but every once in a while, I'd come across a rocket launcher, and I'd take it out.

We kicked everyone's ass in that game. I only died a couple of times.

I placed 3rd out of 8 twice in that game.

And I was playing in a couple of games in the second largest map in the destroyed capitol. The four buildings in the corners weren't active, but the two on the sides of the bridges were.

First thing I did was secure all the bases. I got about 10 points for that. Then I got into one of the side buildings. I got pack of proximity mines and laid one at each of the doors. Then I grabbed a rocket launcher and started taking warhawks out.

I kept an eye on the map, and when I noticed the enemy trying to take the middle base, I'd whip out my sniper rifle and pick him off.

Sometimes I jumped in the AA turret and took out a couple of warhawks.

The other team didn't like that I was pwning them, so I became a target. They came at me in great numbers. But I held my position. Half the time, they'd trip a mine on their way in the building. The other half they'd get in. Usually when the got in, I got died. But by the time I respawned, they tripped another one of my mines.

They weren't into capturing bases that much. When they got in and killed me, I usually respawned at the same base, only to find them in an AA turret. A couple of rockets took them out though.

I won two games that way.

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More epic battles!
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