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 I got in to this wierd gun fight too

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PostSubject: I got in to this wierd gun fight too   Mon Sep 03, 2007 11:46 pm

Ok so I was on island outpost , I got the base on the hill with 3 tiny hubs ( I call it shenron , spartan , or shinobi when I play. ) So anyways me and my best friend were playing and The skies were filled with explosions. Suddenlly a war hawk flew right passed me and I threw a grenade It crashed in to another warhakw, two seconds later a warhawk came in hover mode and statred spamming rockets at me . I shot a whole machine gun magizene and It flew off... and came back with help and health . It was one jeep with 2 people one tank and the warhawk my friend came up the hill threw a greande as a distraction , then out of the foggy sky a warhawk boomed every thing it dropped a cluster then ran in to the rest of the people . Yet it still wasn't over , I went to my hub and found a guy hiding with a knife I Whipped out my flame thrower and burnt his face. At that same time I saw a jeep drining towards our base and it looked pretty bad because a tank was traliing behind , so I took out my binocualrs and air striked the place I came out second with my friened leading on top in first place.
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PostSubject: Re: I got in to this wierd gun fight too   Tue Sep 04, 2007 7:18 am

i had weirder one on archipeligo wen they sent 3 tanks and 2 warhawks at my base 4 people went after them and died and i just used binoculars to take out the tanks and i had to use 4 auto rifles to kill the warhawks after all that trouble the 6th guy sent a TOW missle at my base with half of his team there and he killed three team members and one of our guys using the rockets wen he decided to come after us three of us locked onto him with rockets during this whole time one guy was sneakin in our base and stole the flag and scored
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I got in to this wierd gun fight too
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